Motorcycle Towing – Premium Quality Service

Areeb Towing Lahore Offers 24h Motorcycle Towing Solutions

Motorcycles are a point of pride. You don’t buy one unless you want to show it off. And you don’t show it off unless it’s in perfect condition. So when a disaster happens and you have to get it towed somewhere for service, what do you do? Stick your Harley Davidson or Suzuki motorcycle in the bed of your friend’s pickup truck and hope it doesn’t get bumped or scratched on the way to the mechanic! No way! Contact Areeb Recovery & Towing services for professional motorcycle towing services in the Punjab region. Our policies of customer satisfaction, no hidden fees and a 30 minute arrival time make us the most sought after company in the area. With our training, experience and skills, your bike will be well taken care of.

For 24/7 Auto towing services call 0321-8433335 or 0300-8433335

Our office address in Lahore: 18 K.M Multan Road, Near Kaka Khail Hotel, Lahore.

Although we always strive to fulfill the 30 min. arrival promise, our eventual arrival time heavily depends on area traffic!